Monday, June 16, 2008

Homemade Butter

I read on (see sidebar Links) about how to make homemade butter. I told our housekeeper A. about it and she said, "Oh yes, it is sooo easy!" She helped me figure out the odds and ends of removing the buttermilk and storing. Basically, you just have to buy some good cream. Get the cream cold in the fridge. Then, you put it in the food processor and blitz away, pausing intermittently. When the butter starts to form, you stick in a few icecubes, blitz some more, and then the butter and the buttermilk separate. Then comes the fun. You stick your hands in and form the butter into clumps, squeezing out all of the buttermilk. You might need to add a few more ice cubes to keep the butter solid. You must squeeze out as much buttermilk as possible to prevent the butter from going rancid later on due to the residual buttermilk. You can was it in cold water as well. Then you just stick the clumps in a tupperware container and use as usual. Cream is expensive, so this is just for fun, something to do with your kids or whatever. You can also cook the butter on a low flame for a while and strain out the milk solids once they appear if you want to make pure ghee. That will keep for a really long time as well, and you can spoon it over your rice or chappatis.

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